WAVA Calculator

The WAVA Calculator calculates age adjust times for road running events. The age grading is calculated based on tables produced periodically by the World Association of Veteran Athletes known as WAVA. WAVA has been replaced by WMA (World Masters Athletics).

The tables give world best performances for each sex at different ages, the "Age Graded Standard". These are compared to the overall world record or "Open Standard" at the distance to give a factor (multiplier) to apply to an athletes time to give them an equivalent time for their current age. The tables used by this calculator are the 2006 WAVA tables.

The calculator and WAVA can be useful in a number of ways

  • Compare the results for runners of different ages in the same race. Compare the WAVA percentage, which shows the race time as a percentage of the world record time for the athelete's age, the higher the WAVA percentage the closer to a world record at that distance the athlete is. A new world record would produce a WAVA over 100.
  • Compare results for same runner as they get older. If I ran 42m 00s for a 10K at age 40 what is the equivalent time at age 50

  • To use the calculator provide

  • Age in years when the calculations should be done: e.g. 40
  • Sex Male/Female
  • Race distance in miles or kilometers, e.g. 10K, 13.1M, etc

  • Then depending on the function (button) required also provide the following
  • Age Adjust - Provide a race time for the given distance as hh:mm:ss, e.g. 00:42:34
  • From WAVA - provide a number between 0.100 in the WAVA field. This is the percentage of world record, e.g. 67.5
  • From Adjusted Time - provide a target adjusted race time for the given distance as hh:mm:ss, e.g. 00:39:59